How to Play Online Bingo

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Choose your online bingo website carefully to suit your needs, before registering your account. Some websites require that players first download their own software (usually free of charge) before your are able to play their games. Other Internet operators feature sophisticated websites utilizing Flash or JavaScript technology, so that you can play online bingo with ease, in as realistic an environment as possible.

If you choose to download any casino / gambling software, do first check that it is suitable for your computer. Some software is not compatible with older PCs or Apple Mac computers.

How to Play Online Bingo: Getting Started

If you are hoping to win some prizes, you must first fund your account with some money. Most gambling websites on the Internet are happy to accept a variety of different payment options, which generally include:

  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Credits
  • Firepay
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • PrePaidATM
  • Toggle Card

New players will find that online bingo websites generally offer a number of incentives to win your business. These include free deposits, complimentary games, extra bonuses, golden balls and tempting prize money.

How to Play Online: Gambling, Winning and Prizes

Once you have registered and funded your account, you are now ready to play your first game of online bingo. Players will immediately find an array of optional features that have been designed to making playing on the Internet easier and more enjoyable. For example, 'auto-daub' allows the card numbers to be automatically marked off as the numbers are called. Players will also often be able to make use of 'Best Card Sorting', where their cards closest to winning are automatically sorted in order.

If you are joining an online game with other bingo players, then you may first have to wait for a previous game to finish. Then you simply choose your card and wait for the numbers to start being randomly generated and announced by the voice of the computerized online caller.

The top gaming / gambling casino websites provide several different games for you to choose between. Some games have limits on the amount of bingo cards that you are able to purchase, to redress the balance with 'greedy' players who buy a large number of cards for single games, thus immediately giving them a greater chance of winning.


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