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There are around 400 different reputable online bingo websites currently in operation on the Internet, and this number is continually increasing, as the game continues to gain followers. Research shows that online bingo is at its most popular in the United Kingdom, with the countries of the USA, Canada, Japan and also Sweden being close behind.

Many people believe that the continued success of online bingo is the direct result of many countries no longer permitting smoking in most public places, such as dedicated halls. Others are convinced that it is the sheer ease and convenience of being able to gamble at home, in front of your computer, that has seen such a dramatic increase in online gambling, which is being made easier still by faster broadband speeds and more reliable Internet connections.

Online Networks and Statistics: Who is Playing - and Where

Although gaming websites can look quite different, when you actually start playing the game if becomes apparent that they are often part of the same casino network, with the same games, rules and jackpots. However, sites usually have full control of any promotions that they choose to advertise, often dropping their own commission levels to attract potential global players.

In the United Kingdom, online bingo has never been more popular. The largest number of players tend to be female and aged between 20 to 25 years old - clearly illustrating that this is now not necessarily a game for senior citizens only. Gala Bingo has a huge reputation in the United Kingdom, both online and at purpose-built modern halls.

The bingo market in the UK is also continually being chased by large service providers and search engines, all of whom are after their piece of the estimated £650 million currently being spent playing online. The most familiar names including MSN, Virgin and Yahoo! - to name but a few. In recent years, The Sun tabloid newspaper has gained just under a 20% share of this highly competitive UK market, being closely followed by the Gala Bingo and Foxy Bingo websites.

Recent surveys have estimated that from the three million international players who favour going to actual halls, with their friends and personal marker pens, less than 2% choose to also play online.

From these players, over 75% are women, under the age of 50 years old. Online bingo sites therefore generally choose to target the younger more computer-savvy market.


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