Online Bingo with Chit Chat Function

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A whole new dimension to the web-based game of online bingo was introduced by the arrival of the 'chat' application.

This function strongly promotes a more social and friendly side to the game, encouraging Internet players to chat and interact whilst they play bingo online.

Talking whilst playing this game is obviously something that is strictly frowned upon when you play in real life, at dedicated halls.

For many players, it is this new interactive socialising addition that has revolutionized the game, making it much more appealing and friendly.

Online Bingo: Using the Chat Function

Whilst the chat function is predominantly used by female players, it is open to all players, regardless of sex or age. When players win, losing players tend to post brief comments, such as 'Congrats!', 'Nice job!' or 'Way to go!', often abbreviating as acronyms where possible, in a similar format as mobile phone text messaging. For example, many players may simple post 'WTG' instead of typing in full 'Way to go!'.

Online bingo chatting is usually closely watched by an official 'chat monitor', to ensure that a friendly atmosphere is encouraged, and offensive language not used. Most games allowing chatting have their own specific rules of etiquette, which have become known as their 'chatiquette'.


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