Online Bingo Games: 75 Balls or 90 Balls

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Throughout the world there are really just two main games of bingo being played, with the main difference simply being the number of balls used. In North America, bingo halls play with 75 balls, using a card with a 5 x 5 layout, where the most central square is generally marked with the word 'free'.

In Europe and the United Kingdom in particular, this game is played with a total of 90 balls. This is also the case in Australia, as well as some regions of Latin America. Those playing a 90-ball game will most likely use a card with a 9 x 3 layout.

It is important to note that both of these different bingo games have been adapted for online playing.

Online Games: Playing 75 Ball or 90 Ball Games

Those choosing to play a 75-ball bingo game will find that the winning combinations can vary greatly, with different patterns on the square cards. However, the actual aim of this game remains the same - to simply mark off the matching numbers.

When playing with 90 balls, the cards are much longer, with just three rows. Although the lines are actually nine squares wide, only five numbers are distributed on each line, spaced out with blank squares. The first of these nine columns contains numbers ranging between 1 to 10, with the second column being 11 to 20, the third 21-30, as so on.

If you successfully manage to mark off all the corners, horizontal lines (all five numbers) or all the 15 numbers (full house) before the other players, then you will win - it's that simple. The prizes on offer will vary, relating to each stage.

Callers tend to announce the numbers fairly quickly, both in actual bingo halls and on online gambling websites, and so you need to concentrate, particularly if you have chosen to play with multiple cards.


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